About us

The Medical Simulation Education Center project was launched in 2012 at the Medical School, University of Pécs.

The Lab's main objective is to improve the manual abilities of medics, both graduates and post-graduates.

In the course of our operations, we are obliged to hold compulsory, elective, facultative courses as well as to implement the training needs of external partners.

Our inventory – in which you can find high fidelity simulators, equipment with 3D technology, and innovative demonstration tools – is top quality both domestically and internationally.

Our IT and audio-visual system, which was made in a unique development, uses “smart” solutions that greatly helps the execution of interdisciplinary and complex simulations.

In 2018 the department acquired more EU tenders, therefore the area of the laboratory continues to grow, and will be eight times bigger.

In consequence of the previously acquired tenders, our laboratory was able to invest in even more equipment, which includes the most modern ones as well.